Melissa (mellyg14) wrote,

Fun times!

So, I'm finally de-stressing from all things barrister's ball and school. It's nice to just have class to think about. Oh yea, and that pesky bar stuff, but really, i'm finally feeling like I can's nice. Now only if I could find a job, I'd be smooth sailing. Mainly, I just want to know where i'll be in Decemeber. I hate that limbo feeling, especially when flights need to be booked for weddings I'm in.

and the weekend in Rochester was SOOOO needed. I had a blast. Laura, Tania, Aimee, Katy and Jan - I haven't had that much fun in a long, long, time....thank you! And I took what had to be the best road trip ever with Katy and Jan - it's been a long time since i've taken a road trip WITH someone, and just kind of stopped at fun attractions and what not. That trip is a lot easier to make with someone to sing along to Rent with

Katy left Saturday morning, but Jan is still here (yea!) I took him to Salem yesterday, today we watched movies (i hope you weren't bored Jan - i know, laundry and stuff is so exciting:)). It was a freaking John Cusack-a-thon.

and Chris - what am I going to do without you in WET? Seriously, you'd think your upcoming nuptials were like...important or something :P seriously though, can't wait chica! I'm sure you can't either!

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