Melissa (mellyg14) wrote,

Friends only

from here on out. No worries, nothing happened, so no one freak out. I just figured in this digital age it might be the safer bet. So, if anyone out there is reading this NOT on my friends list, let me know dudes and dudettes! (carrie, i think you were the only non lj person reading, but you've since caved)

  • I'm Published!!!!

    Hooray!!!!! Here it is! it's not on Amazon yet, which is a bummer...but I'm still excited!!!

  • I love cupcakes

    and plan on making kick ass ones for my class on Halloween. Also, awesome blog and awesome contest


    Tim and I got a new kitten. It's really Tim's kitten - he picked him out. He is the most adorable little thing, and I can not explain how tiny he…

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