Melissa (mellyg14) wrote,

For Tania

I just saw the original of the species video. Uh......just, uhm....yea, i don't like it. And The Edge is now the best looking man in the band. What is WITH larry's hair?

Speaking of The Edge - they were talking about him on the radio, apparantly he donated a bunch of guitars to musicians effected by the hurricane. awww. the dj was like "bono isn't the only one in the band that cares' ha ha ha.

  • I'm Published!!!!

    Hooray!!!!! Here it is! it's not on Amazon yet, which is a bummer...but I'm still excited!!!

  • I love cupcakes

    and plan on making kick ass ones for my class on Halloween. Also, awesome blog and awesome contest


    Tim and I got a new kitten. It's really Tim's kitten - he picked him out. He is the most adorable little thing, and I can not explain how tiny he…

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