Melissa (mellyg14) wrote,

For Red

well, for anyone really, but I think red will appreciate it the most

So, at Target today I bought one of those $5 shirts that says "everyone loves an irish girl". So ready for st pat's. it was either that or a black shirt with a gliterry shamrock.

Also, on the way, i notice that the Cambridge firehouse has this nice mural of firefighters, never really looked at it closely before. Anyway, I notice that in the midst of the firefighters, they have George Washington and Ben Franklin?!?!?!?!!? The only thing that I can think is that it was a "firfighting through history" kind of thing and everyone looked like George and Ben back then? I mean, George WAS holding a bucket.

Also, and this is for Carrie too - anyone here on Sunday after St Patty's day is invited to Heather's for the parade. It's a great vantage point to watch it from, there is always lots of good drink and food and for some odd reason, a large congregation of NYPD and NYFD post parade.

And not specifically for anyone:Dude, do people not know when they smell? This guy at the gym was either farting up a storm or had crapped his pants, it smelled so bad i quit the elliptical early so i didn't puke. Then i run into some chick in the dressing room checking her nude self out. It was hilarious, she was staring at her naked ass the entire time i was in there. *shakes head*

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