Melissa (mellyg14) wrote,

A Real update

And pictures!


Ok, first, new flowers.  I like the added color.  And my shoes, though they are too long, I LOOOOOVE them. They’re all princessy.


Other than getting ready for Barrister’s, things are pretty mundane. I’m just stressing about the impending bar, and how that’s gonna work out.  It would really ease my mind if I had it all worked out, but alas, one can only hope and wait.


The wine tasting was great, I had a blast! Lost my camera, but had a blast. 


Random Musings:

The negative aspect of living with one of your best friends is that a trip to the shower results in you pausing in the kitchen and having a very long discussion that goes from Buffy to politics. Really, don’t ask – you wouldn’t get it unless you’re demented as we are.


Quote from my friend Christy: “so I’m walking across the street, and the construction workers are like ‘I believe in women’s rights!’ and I’m thinking, you’re construction workers, aren’t you supposed to whistle?”


You know you’re a student when you debit 1.50.  Well, the truth is I just don’t like to carry cash ,I’ll probably be doing that when I’m 80.


The customer service at 7-11 is the worst ever


The T, at any kind or rush-hour, is really a level of hell.


I find it very difficult to keep scarves in my hair.


And Fun dates to come:


Feb 11 – st judes. Lisa, carrie and dress up fun! Oh, and helping kids.


Feb 17 (or thereabout) Laura comes to visit! With E. and fun music and museums!


March 15 – Barrister’s Ball

March 17 – St Patty’s Day


*and that week, we will have like 10 people visiting, I’m pumped! Justin, Laura, maybe Jeff, pinja dave……could I get anymore excited?


End of March, April 1 ish – Katy and Aimee and Jan and roadtrips and helping laura move!





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