May 22nd, 2006


A good weekend

I spent most of the weekend being my roomate's date, or a kyle stand in if you will, for her family functions. It was a lot of fun, and I'm glad I went along.

Then, we finally finished cleaning, and our apartment NEEDED it. Carrie and I scrubbed down the bathroom and kitchen last night, and mopped the floors - backing ourselves into the family room and getting stuck there while the floors dried, yep, we're smart like that. However, that led to what had to be the most fun part of the evening, the two of us sitting in the family room (full after her mother's brunch, which occured at like 2 pm or after and was a LOT of food) and me going "uh, are you hungry"
"yea...but i didn't want to admit it"
"yea, me either, but I am, not for a meal, just for like...i don't know..."
"that works"

so we put our apartment back together and went off to friendly's. This was nice becuase it had been a long time, becuase of exams and hecticness, since we had a chance to just talk...not about anything specific, but just the way two close friends talk and get on tangents and stay there for hours (until 3 am or so), and i think it was much needed becuase I missed her - exam stress sucks!

and today i took my car in, my luggage in, ran errands and passed out at 6 - i can only assume it's allergies that made me pass out at 6 in the afternoon, and not old age.

and tomorrow is working at barbri, picking up books and caps and gowns, and the little senior broo-ha-ha at the Four Seasons. Then, starts bar review and thursday honey and mom and dad will be here, i'm very excited!

Also, very exciting news, Eunice (my college roomate/best friend) got engaged on Saturday!!!! Huzzah!!!